About PNG Forest Products

Mission Statement

PNG Forest Products Ltd, through our main assets, people and a sustainable forest resource, shall be the number one supplier of quality timber buildings and certified timber products, sourced from a certifiably managed renewable plantation, that exceed customer satisfaction, maximizing shareholder profitability, whilst acting in a socially responsible manner and protecting the environment in the areas in which we operate.

A Proud PNG Tradition

The proud history of Papua New Guinea Forest Products (PNGFP) began many years ago in the gold fields of Bulolo.

Bulolo Gold Dredging Limited commenced operations in 1932 as a large scale alluvial mining company. It operated seven dredges in what was then the world's largest gold field.

As mining operations scaled down, a plywood factory and sawmill were constructed and pine plantations were planted. So a new industry was born.

The vision and hard work of its founders saw it grow to the 1950s when the company first commenced the conversion of both hardwood and plantation resource to high value end products. In 1954, plywood production and exports to overseas destinations commenced.

PNGFP continues this work today as the country's leading timber and plywood producer, now using only 100% renewable plantation pine. The broad product range includes prefabricated houses, dressed timber and mouldings, treated power poles, export high grade plywood and veneers.

Working For a Better Future

Still based in Bulolo, PNGFP now employs over 1200 people, and manages its extensive timber business from plantation right through to proudly presented finished product.

PNGFP is truly a self-sufficient organisation with retail stores, butcher shop, bakeries and a cattle farm. The company also operates the 5.5MW Hydro Power Station at Baiune built pre-war to supply power to the gold dredges. Today, this clean fuel supplies the total power requirements for the company township of Bulolo and Wau.

With a history spanning some 80 years, PNGFP has developed to become a proud industry leader and an invaluable player in building a better Papua New Guinea.

The list of clients who have benefited from PNGFP's diverse product range and commitment to quality includes Lihir Gold Ltd, New Britain Palm Oil, Barrick Kainantu, Allied Gold, Oil Search, Morobe Mining Joint Venture, Ausaid, European Union, PNG and Provincial Governments, and a host of others.