PNG Forest Products evolved from Bulolo Gold Dredging Limited that commenced operations in large scale alluvial mining in 1932.

The Bulolo region was at the time one of the largest gold fields in the world. A total of 7 dredges scoured the valley floor, dredging thousands of tons of high grade gold bearing ore.

As the mining operation scaled down the plywood factory and sawmill were constructed by Commonwealth New Guinea Timbers Ltd. In collaboration with the then government, the pine plantations were also established as part of a large scale post-mining reforestation program by the Departments of Forests.

In 1954 plywood production and the export of product to overseas destinations commenced and for the past 50 years the company has been involved in the conversion of both hardwood and plantation resource to high value end products.

Today, PNG Forest Products is the leading producer of timber and plywood products in Papua New Guinea using only 100% plantation pine. Our products include prefabricated houses, dressed timber and mouldings, treated power poles, export high grade plywood and veneers.

The company also operates two hydro power stations at Baiune with a combined capacity of 5.5MW which were built pre-war to supply power to the gold dredges. They supply the total power requirements for the company township of Bulolo, and the towns of Wau and Zenag. PNG Forest Products is truly a self sufficient organization with retail stores, butcher shops, bakery and a cattle farm.

PNG Forest Products currently employs 1250 staff, the majority of which are Papua New Guinea citizens.