Plywood & Timber Products

As part of its product range PNG Forest Products manufactures CCA pressure-treated plantation pine timber and ACQ treated products. All pine timber is treated by the vacuun/pressure impregnation process according to utlisation class.

Our sawn and round timber is randomly and rigorously tested by Tim Tech Ltd in Australia and the Timber Training Institue in Lae to ensure compliance with Papua New Guinea building standards.

Our ability to produce pressure-treated pine at our certified and international standard compliant plant ensures quality, durable and protected timber is available for every type of project.

As a member of the Engineered Wood Products Association of Australia (EWPAA), we conform to the most stringent standards monitored and audited regularly by independent engineers.


A complete range of plywood products is available, including the highly sought after marine and furniture grade plywood, concrete form ply, general structural grade plywood, and wall and ceiling linings.

PNG Forest Products has supplied PNG Power, and its predecessor Elcom Poles, for almost 30 years, a further example of the high durability of our Pine Products.

PNG Forest Products has been exporting plywood and timber products and kitset buildings for over 30 years to Australia, New Zealand, Vanuatu.